The internet is a big place.

I am committed to

making it more

beautiful. intuitive. exciting. functional. immersive. purposive.
CSS Zen Garden

css zen garden

"natural beauty"

a challenge to produce unique css design
Mario's Catering

restaurant website

"mario's catering"

an old site gets a modern upgrade
Kitten API


"kitten api"

an api that generates random cat images
PHP Form

php form

"let's collaborate"

a demonstration of php using phpmailer

animated lego


an interactive tutorial using lego animations

social network


build social networks in real life

news app


revolutionizes the way people read the news
I'd Rather be a Cyborg than a Goddess

online exhibit


designed and developed online art exhibit

home management system


manage home security and utilities
Circular Typeface Poster

typography poster


a poster design playing off of this geometric typeface

alarm system


set warnings for your alarms so you'll never be late again
Rock is Not Dead Book Cover

book and cd cover

"rock is not dead"

an anthology proving that rock is alive and well

I love the internet. I studied its impacts on postmodern societies and its countercultural potential while acheiving my BA in English and Liberal Arts. I used it to increase communication while studying Journalism. Now, I engage with it everyday as I manipulate its tools and devices into beautiful and functional designs. I am committed to exploring code and design and figuring out ways to help make technology omnipresent, intuitive and a more beloved part of people's daily lives.