more abstraction.


Circular is a poster made up of the typeface by the same name. It employs principles of Swiss Design, or the International Style, which celebrates abstraction and simplicity in design while communicating a strong message.

The goal was to display a typeface in a beautiful and unusual way. Typically, the alphabet and numeric compoenents of a typeface are listed out in rows of black text in order to illustrate its features in the most primary way. This poster explores the intricacies of the typeface by representing them in a unique way, allowing the details to develop the overall composition of the design. The contrasting colours and simple colour scheme further draw from Swiss Design principles.

The result is a reimagining of the purpose typography, where the components of a typeface are not just tools, but are inseparable from the design itself.


I knew the circular "C" that leads the name of this typeface was going to be the focus of my poster as soon as I chose it. I wanted to guide the eye continuously around this letter while also developing a sense of depth that keeps the eye moving in and out of the contents while it circles the poster.

Colour and Position

Choosing the colours for my poster chose to be one of the most difficult decisions. Swiss design makes use of a simple colour scheme with no more than two colours in addition to black and white. I wanted to find two colours that didn't clash and were equally as passive, so that the bold lines that emerge out of the design are what moves the eye around the page, rather than there being a battle between colours. The pale purple and yellow accomplished this for me, and the dark lines that work to separate the colours as well as the whitespace that fills in the blanks of the image helped acheive the fluid movement that is seen in the typeface itself.