more time.

Project by Allie Langohr, Peter Salerno and Robbie DiPalma

Being on time is a challenge for many of us. With so many distractions and endlessly busy schedules, it's hard to be on time, or to keep track of it.

Countdown is an alarm app designed to give warnings prior to a primary alarm going off. While some people set many alarms to wake up in the morning, it's unlikely that someone will set multiple alarms throughout the day. Countdown allows users to easily group sets of alarms under a single label, giving the user increasingly urgent warnings headed towards a deadline. Have to be at work at 8AM? Be informed when you have half an hour before you shold leave, and again when it's really time to get in your car and go.

Research and Wireframes

This being my first wearable design, it was necesssary to begin research by looking at the specific components and abilities of this relatively new and emerging technology. We focused on alarm apps that already existed, as well as looked at various watch interfaces to see how we wanted to design our own.

We ulitmately decided to leave behind the traditional watch look with gears and elegant designs and move towards something more simple and functional. Our interface combines both digital and analog features, however rather than using numbers around the clock to represent time, we use this space to illustrate the chunks of time a user's day is broken into.

We also conducted an interview with a current Apple Watch user to find out what they did and did not like about it. We learned that quick interactions with the watch are preferable for this kind of technology, and that it is the perfect tool for staying up to date with one's social life and daily schedule without having to access a larger device.

countdown sketches

We used these sektches to create a paper prototype. We had a user come in and test the interactions of the app by giving him three tasks to complete. We use eye-tracking software to map his eye movements and track the time each interaction took to complete. We learned that we had missed several buttons that connected one screen to another, and that some of our elements were too small to notice. We remedied these in the final mockup.

High Fidelity

Our final screens feature bright colours as is typical of wearable design so that they are easily viewable on small screens in any lighting for a quick glance. The colour of the specific alarm matches the urgency, with the final alarm that is created in a particular set being the most urgent. Users can choose to have the watch vibrate, release a tone, or both. The vibration and the tone become more intense and loud the more urgent the alarm is.


Our logo for Countdown incorporates the rupture points that break up people's days into sections of time. While our app sets alarms for these points, our logo encourages people to view their day according to these points in order to get the best use out of the app.

We developed a logo out of these designs, using orange and green colours, which are often associated with warnings and movement. We then devleoped branding guidelines for the countdown brand to ensure its proper use.

Branding Guidelines Branding Guidelines Branding Guidelines Branding Guidelines Branding Guidelines Branding Guidelines Branding Guidelines Branding Guidelines

Based on user testing and referring back to Apple Watch guidelines, our final prototype shows the app's functions as follows.

Our app uses Scribble technology to input alarm names. It combines touch screen components with the dial on the side of the watch so that users can choose their preference in how to activate and change things in the app. It also features the ability to view all active alarms by touching the circular portion of the main watch screen.