with Magnifo!

Are you feeling lonely? Never fear! Magnifo wants to be your friend.

Magnifo is a Mixel who's a bit overconfident, but still a great pal.

The only catch is that there's some assembly required. But, Lego's got us covered!

So grab all your pieces and get ready to build your very own pal.

We're going to build Magnifo step by step. Click each number to see what happens in a step, and click it again if you missed something. When you're ready, move on to the next number. It's easy!

Let's get started!


We've got a lot of pieces to sort through, but that's okay. Click sort to organize all the pieces and see how many of each piece you should have.

Steps 1-3

Great job! Now we can move onto Step 1.

In this step, we're going to build the core of Magnifo's body. It may seem like it doesn't really look like anything yet, but don't worry. It will soon!

Did you notice Magnifo's wands? He's a magician! Well... kind of. He's still practicing, so he makes a lot of mistakes. The important thing is that he never stops trying, and that he's able to pull through for his friends when they really need him.

Steps 4-6

You're doing a great job. Now, we're going to add some of Magnifo's distinguishing features.

I told you Magnifo comes through for his friends!

Magnifo has a single, large eye in the middle of his face, and a charactersitic underbite where his right tooth is larger than his left. Did you get them right?

Steps 7-9

Now we're going to put together Magnifo's hat, his cape, and his legs. Don't worry, we'll go slow.

That's a lot of pieces! When you're making the opposite leg, follow the exact same instructions but put the purple triangle on the opposite side. That way, it won't look like Magnifo has two left feet!

PS... Did you know Magnifo was once the LEADER of the Wiztastics!? He even puts on his own magic shows!

Steps 10-11

We're almost done!

In Step 10, we're going to take the parts we didn't use from Steps 8 and 9 and connect them to Magnifo's body. Check it out!

Step 11 is just like Step 8. Build one arm the way it's shown, and then build it the same way but in the opposite direction for the other arm. Easy!

Remember, don't press Done until your Magnifo looks like the one shown below

Awesome job! I told you it'd be easy!

I wonder why he has two wands? Maybe he can go down to one when he gets better at magic.

Thanks for building a pal with us!

I hope you and Magnifo have some great times together.

See you next time!